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August 16, 2018

Pied à Terre is an innovative international hospitality reservations platform focused on creating a global community highlighting a new consciousness about the diversity of culture, art, local gastronomy, and environmental care while generating exciting travel experiences around the world.

Our main vocational goal in the years to come will be to build a unique bond and relationship between our affiliates hosts and travelers, with the spirit to go much farther than just a pure lodging experience.

This “World Citizen” inaugurating edition of our Pied a Terre blog, is launched here simultaneously with our 31st of May celebration event:— “ The world we live in “— Photographic Contest, that took place this year at the Chambord Castle in France with the attendance of important key speakers and celebrities as Ami Vitale and Céline Cousteau, that let the world know about the spirit of our project, not just with the purpose to create a new site for an emergent generation of travelers, but with the idea, concept and business model of the creation of a journey community that share the ultimate mission and dream to contribute to make a better world.


Ariadna Pérez.    

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