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August 16, 2018


Pied à Terre is taking an important step in the Hospitality industry development by the quality standardization of all of our properties. The standarization in property items are offered to our Hosts once they become part of our community. Brand recognition in our affiliated properties is possible thanks to the work hand in hand of the Pied à Terre Boutique and the Hospitality Team.

Pied à Terre has designed a hospitality model that adapts properties into a Boutique Hotel model, Offering the standardization of apartments and houses.This searches to satisfy the needs of a young traveling generation that is in search of new experiences with the comfort and amenities that traditional high end hotel soffer.

Through Pied à Terre Boutique we seek that our travelers have the same standardization quality of commodities and services wherever they go. Among the producto swesell you will find a fine collection of items that include: linens, bathroom amenities, glassware and accessories desing ned for the correct operation of the hospitality of our members.

Our aim is that at any property where our travelers arrive, no matter the part in the world, they always get the same experience. With this on mind, we created a meticulous selection of high quality products that you can find today at the online store available to our customers.

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