The Way of St. James

August 20, 2018

Since the pre-christian era, “El Camino de Santiago” has been for more than 2000 thousand years, the most emblematic pilgrimage and a travel experience in the world to achieve enlightment, self- knowledge and purposse in life.

For this very reason the Shell, that for centuries were used by the travelers who follow the Milky Way up to the end of the world in Finisterre, to take and drink wáter from the rivers, represents the everpresent question of any human being to dilucidate his or her existencial and fundamental anxiety of their purposse in life.

The Santiago´s road, coming from different parts of the ancient world, has been until today, traditionally full of lodges, specially constructed and devoted for the attendance of pilgrims, and are until today famous for their special mystic beyond its economic revenue to provide assistance and hospitality for them.

For this very reason “Pied a Terre” as part of its Brand design, borrow and adopt the iconographic symbol of “El Camino” as the way to announce the special philosophy of our company to provide our hospitality fundamentals beyond the pure provision of our lodging facilities.

At the end, in Pied a Terre, we believe that life is a never ending journey which deserves the possibility of this self knowledge enlightment.

With this idea in mind the inaugural emblematic routeof Pied a Terre is the road of Santiago (which every year is crossed by thousands of people from around the world), and we presented to our affiliates with our highest recomendation to experience it.

You can contac us and reserve now, which possibly be the most important journey of your life.



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