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2019 Pied à Terre; great perspectives and events

January 1, 2019


Dear Pied à Terre member;


This year 2019, was born with a promising and enlightenment plans and events to expand the “Pied a Terre” membership and philosophy beyond the 21 countries where we already have the honor to affiliate and shelter, people and first class hosts founder members as you, that inaugurated our international platform.

We are very happy to inform you that after our launching event in the Chambord Castle in France in May 2018, the international reaction to our Pied a Terre innovative business model was that of a massive global scale applications. This fortunate circumstance force us to reinforce our technological responsibility and strength and to remind our potential members that Pied a Terre is not just a reservations platform, but a unique international community of host and travelers, that beyond the basic business, share a common visión and consciousness with a humanistic view of the world we live in.

With this grand spirit in mind, this year Pied a Terre will very soon announce its plans and future associations with important travel operators, information and real estate organizations around the world that will allow us to provide our members a wide range of services, news, information and exclusive business options to make their B&B and the Home Sharing activity a real profitable and rewarding experience.

Among other things the next march 21th 2020 it will be launched and published the second edition of its photography  international contest

“Save the Planet “

I take this opportunity to invite you to be in contact with us, and with all my hearth wish you a very exciting year full with all sorts of blessings for you and your family.



T. Francisco de P. León Olea.

Pied a Terre




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