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September 8, 2019


“Our family” is the Pied a Terre internal social network that was designed to provide our affiliates (host and travelers with the universal tool to share their experiences and friendship around the world.

“Our family” social network shall also be the recipient to identified the personal patterns of preferences values and spirit of our community that will create the bonds within our members and with the priorities of the world we live in.

The page will allow  users:

♦  Create a unique user profile.

♦  Expand your network with other users.

♦  Post your Pied à Terre experiences and share it with other users.

♦  Request feedback on specific properties or locations from other users.

♦  Post pictures and videos of your trips with us.

♦  Create groups for certain trips or a certain event you have planned.

♦  Create a discussion forums.
Gift the Pied à Terre experience to your loved ones.

♦  Manage your reward points.

At Pied à Terre we nourish the cultural and racial diversity and this platform is a clear representation of our essence.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of discrimination between users weather it is racial or cultural, creating a healthy and enriched platform for our users.


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