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September 8, 2019


“Our family” is the Pied a Terre internal social network that was designed to provide our affiliates (host and travelers with the universal tool to share their experiences and friendship around the world.

“Our family” social network shall also be the recipient to identified the personal patterns of preferences values and spirit of our community that will create the bonds within our members and with the priorities of the world we live in.

The page will allow  users:

♦  Create a unique user profile.

♦  Expand your network with other users.

♦  Post your Pied à Terre experiences and share it with other users.

♦  Request feedback on specific properties or locations from other users.

♦  Post pictures and videos of your trips with us.

♦  Create groups for certain trips or a certain event you have planned.

♦  Create a discussion forums.
Gift the Pied à Terre experience to your loved ones.

♦  Manage your reward points.

At Pied à Terre we nourish the cultural and racial diversity and this platform is a clear representation of our essence.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of discrimination between users weather it is racial or cultural, creating a healthy and enriched platform for our users.


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September 1, 2018


Pied a Terre is happy to announce that is already preparing its second international photographic contest edition “The World we live in” that will take place on March 21th 2020 on the Chambord Castle (France).

The contest, among other things will celebrate the first anniversary of the global launching of its Pied a Terre reservation and hospitality plattform, that as today is already present in 21 countries around the world.

As it was in our first edition of the Contest, we hereby have the honor to invite our host and travelers affiliates to attend our “First World Congress” that will share and explore the important subject matter of the responsibility of the “The world we live” and the new hospitality business opportunities for our international community to create a better world.




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The Love of Traveling

August 17, 2018


Traveling produces powerful and longlasting benefits, the act of traveling transcends way after a trip comes to an end, it enriches the traveler’s lives and it positively affects them on a spiritual, physical, intellectual, and cultural level.

That being said, at PàT we are more than honored to provide the most exclusive properties around the globe just for you. We have been selecting and managing the most stylish and luxurious properties so that guests may choose from a wide, high-quality catalog. Each property represents and symbolizes the PàT mission: to give travelers the opportunity to uniquely experience the world we live in. Every house, apartment and hotel boutique has been carefully selected.

We are honored to present the newest arrivals to the PàT inventory.

Warning: The following images may affect viewers with an overwhelming urge to travel.


Dominican Republic

Villa Cielo Azul, Dominican Republic


Villas in all shapes and sizes, from Spanish colonial to tropically themed properties, whatever your taste and style, we’ve got plenty of options for you. All villas are part of the resort “Casa de Campo”, a tropical paradise in the Dominican Republic. Every villa is fully equipped and showcases taste, elegance, and luxury, which makes them the ideal place for a dream vacation. Enjoy the Caribbean sun while you swim at an irresistible pool, visit the gorgeous beach, practice your golfing or tennis skills, and create longlasting memories with friends or family. All villas include a welcome amenity upon arrival to ensure a special and unique experience for every guest. Our top favorite is Villa Vogue for its surreal swimming pool, although Villa Balinese, Radiante, Coralina and Nerissa are flawless as well.



The Serai Camp, Jaisalmer India


Our properties in India are just a dream come true. From the stunning Taj Rambagh Palace in which you’ll feel like royalty, to The Serai Camp where you’ll discover an oasis right under the desert sky, to the RAAS Hotel an18th-century palace. Discover our -out of this world- properties in India and venture to one of the most popular destinations worldwide.