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2019 Pied à Terre; great perspectives and events

January 1, 2019


Dear Pied à Terre member;


This year 2019, was born with a promising and enlightenment plans and events to expand the “Pied a Terre” membership and philosophy beyond the 21 countries where we already have the honor to affiliate and shelter, people and first class hosts founder members as you, that inaugurated our international platform.

We are very happy to inform you that after our launching event in the Chambord Castle in France in May 2018, the international reaction to our Pied a Terre innovative business model was that of a massive global scale applications. This fortunate circumstance force us to reinforce our technological responsibility and strength and to remind our potential members that Pied a Terre is not just a reservations platform, but a unique international community of host and travelers, that beyond the basic business, share a common visión and consciousness with a humanistic view of the world we live in.

With this grand spirit in mind, this year Pied a Terre will very soon announce its plans and future associations with important travel operators, information and real estate organizations around the world that will allow us to provide our members a wide range of services, news, information and exclusive business options to make their B&B and the Home Sharing activity a real profitable and rewarding experience.

Among other things the next march 21th 2020 it will be launched and published the second edition of its photography  international contest

“Save the Planet “

I take this opportunity to invite you to be in contact with us, and with all my hearth wish you a very exciting year full with all sorts of blessings for you and your family.



T. Francisco de P. León Olea.

Pied a Terre




Pied à Terre World

Global Launch of New Platform

December 25, 2018

The ceremony included famed keynote speakers and announced its plans to donate a percentage of profits to promote world peace and care for the environment.

PARIS, FRANCE – May 31, 2018 – Pied à Terre kicked off its global operations with an official launch ceremony celebrating the new home sharing platform’s innovative take on the growing international business of hospitality and positioned the company as a powerful contribution to the high-end B&B market.

The event featured two extraordinary speakers: Ami Vitale, a celebrated National Geographic photographer and Nikon Ambassador, as well as Céline Cousteau, an explorer, filmmaker, philanthropic entrepreneur, and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Yves Cousteau.

They discussed the company’s socially responsible spirit based on a unique mission to create a powerful international community of Hosts and Travelers. A community that, as ambassadors and citizens of the world, help to promote Pied à Terre’s charge to create a better world through tolerance, art, humanity and ecological and cross-cultural values.

The first award ceremony for “The World We Live In,” an international photography contest, sponsored by Pied à Terre, was presented by Vitale. The coveted first place prize went to Fabiola Cano of Costa Rica. Her haunting photograph of a refugee camp in Greece captured the solitude and sorrow of people forced to flee the horrors of the Syrian war.

To conclude the event, President and chairman of the Board, Francisco de Paula León, personally thanked the ceremony’s international participants and discussed the company’s positive projection for the next 12 months and his goal to reach 21 countries. He made special note of Pied à Terre’s pledge to invest a percentage of all future profits to promote ecological and cultural initiatives around the world. A promise that aligns with the spirit of the company.

Ami Vitale

Magazine photographer Ami Vitale has lived in mud huts and war zones contracted malaria, and donned a panda suit—all in keeping with her philosophy of “living the story.”

She has traveled to more than 90 countries, bearing witness not only to violence and conflict but also to surreal beauty and to the enduring power of the human spirit. Recently, she has turned her lens to compelling wildlife stories, such as returning critically endangered captive born species, like the giant pandas back to the wild and attempts to save the last living northern white rhinos from extinction. Based in Montana, Vitale is a contract photographer with National Geographic magazine and frequently gives workshops throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Céline Cousteau

Céline Cousteau is a multifaceted social and environmental activist working with a variety of mediums from documentaries to art and design, consulting with corporations and foundations to public speaking. Each form shares the same message of interconnectivity between humans and the natural world.

As a documentary film director, producer, and presenter, Céline is the founder and executive director of CauseCentric Productions, creating cause focused multi-media content. Extending her family legacy and her expertise, Céline co-founded The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship, a nonprofit program whose mission is to empower young aspiring filmmakers, creatives, and activists to inspire change through filmmaking. Her work has included being Guest Designer for Swarovski, ambassador for The TreadRight Foundation, and Member of the World Economic Forum Council on Oceans. Céline sits on the advisory boards of The Himalayan Consensus and Marine Construction Technologies. With a degree in psychology and masters in Intercultural Relations, Céline is fluent in three languages, and is currently in development of an impact campaign for her latest film, “Tribes on the Edge”.


Pied à Terre World


August 17, 2018




A traveler, as defined by the anonymous author of the Odyssey, is a universal man or woman, who is in search of a purpose that gives a meaningful and transcendent meaning to his life

He is that “citizen of the world” who abandons the comfort of his home and his cultural references to venture to explore unknown lands, equipped with the purpose, the imperative and the emotion of understanding “the world in which he lives”.

In “The Spaceship Earth”, as the great German philosopher Buckminster Fuller would call his great book, he reminds us that, despite our differences in races, religions, latitudes, geographies and cultures, we live in a only planet – a blue jewel suspended in infinite space – which is in the end the house of all beings that exist.




The walker, like a new Ulysses sailing in search of Ithaca, the borders that fragment and sometimes hurt our world suddenly evaporate. On its way it takes a step towards the formation of an increasingly universal and tolerant conscience that makes us see that the differences it encounters are not a pernicious feature to produce confrontations of nations, religions, races or ideologies, but the raw material of diversity and the extraordinary beauty of our world. This is noticed and enriches the heritage, art and history, product of the evolution of civilization of which we are all his lucky heirs.

In this space, the traveler becomes an eternal pilgrim open to time, space and the experience of permanent amazement. An experience that produces the gift of the knowledge of the different; in the end, an emergent and luminous quality of intelligence that leads him to put the subjectivity of his vision and culture into a benevolent judgment; the limitation and value of their customs, of the questioning of the sometimes dogmatic truth of their ethics and aesthetics, of their values, all this in order to take a step forward to their worldview, which in their travel and learning journey will take them to the construction of a universal spirit that nourishes and empowers it, and that as anticipated by the mandate inscribed in the ancient door of Delphi, to the possibility of the beginning of true knowledge of itself.

The traveler, in that epiphanic moment, unknowingly connects to the most powerful and preclear energy of existence, located between the inner microcosm of his consciousness and the unappealable space of the infinite universe that surrounds him.




And it is the product of this reflection on our world, that our hospitality project Pied à Terre was born as a global initiative, which, although it focuses its experience on art and the task of caring for travelers, designed for those who, like the pilgrims of yesteryear, today identify themselves in their trips, no matter the nature of these, with the spirit of the permanent search for a meaning and purpose for their life.

It is the world, both complex and exciting of this 21st century, that lives and faces a new stage and challenge of the history of humanity, where new generations, as never before, with this spirit have the opportunity to travel, know and appreciate the richness of all the latitudes of the earth.

In this imaginary, the soul of the traveler, however, his identity, is recognized in a mirror of his universal spirit with the foreigner, who as a global host opens the door to the opportunity to make the world his home.

That is why the symbol of the shell of the Camino de Santiago that identifies our company, reminds us of that ancestral path traveled by pilgrims from all corners of the earth, who under the protection of the vocation and spirit of hospitality offered to the hosts of that route, like a cosmic compass, sought, under the firmament and the Milky Way, the gift of meaning and the destiny of their life, which was finally revealed to them when they glimpsed that at the end of the earth (Finisterra) the torrent of The stars that guided them sank into the infinite horizon of the ocean. The Pied à Terre spirit of the 21st century world we live in, is inspired by this story.

Pied à Terre World


August 16, 2018


Pied à Terre is taking an important step in the Hospitality industry development by the quality standardization of all of our properties. The standarization in property items are offered to our Hosts once they become part of our community. Brand recognition in our affiliated properties is possible thanks to the work hand in hand of the Pied à Terre Boutique and the Hospitality Team.

Pied à Terre has designed a hospitality model that adapts properties into a Boutique Hotel model, Offering the standardization of apartments and houses.This searches to satisfy the needs of a young traveling generation that is in search of new experiences with the comfort and amenities that traditional high end hotel soffer.

Through Pied à Terre Boutique we seek that our travelers have the same standardization quality of commodities and services wherever they go. Among the producto swesell you will find a fine collection of items that include: linens, bathroom amenities, glassware and accessories desing ned for the correct operation of the hospitality of our members.

Our aim is that at any property where our travelers arrive, no matter the part in the world, they always get the same experience. With this on mind, we created a meticulous selection of high quality products that you can find today at the online store available to our customers.