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The World We Live In

The World We Live In


September 9, 2019

 We are pleased to announce the winners of the International Literature Contest
The World We Live In



We are proud to announce the finalists of the literature contest. 
Soon we will announce to the finalists the awards ceremony






Genre: short story

Open to: Adult +18

Convener: PIED À TERRE

Convener country: México



  1. The contest is open to all persons over 18 years of age with any nationality. The works must be original and have not been awarded in other contests. The maximum length is 3 pages, Arial #11 with spaced 1.5.

The topic of the contest will be “traveler” (adventures, personal diary, stories, experiencies, culture, etc.). Each participant can send one or two tales, always in different deliverables.

  1. Deliverables can be sent between July 1st and September 30th 2019, to the email address with the following information: title and pseudonym, author, home address, mobile number and email contact.
  1. The literary works will be subjected to the scrutiny of the public as well as to a jury that has been designated by Pied à Terre. With this purpose in mind all the works will be published on our Facebook page sharing to the readers up to the 30th of September of this year, and then the twenty chosen ones will compete in the final revisión, which will be read by our official jury to evaluate and verify the literary value of each one of them. The final winners will be announced in the Pied à Terre blog. (



Due to our unexpected success of our literary contest of this year THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, and the limited capacity we have to read and evaluate all the presented works, we regret and feel obliged to change the original date of submission to this september 17th of this year.

We feel very sorry about these contingency, however, all the pending works of this year will be considered in priority list to be included in the next year contest.


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September 1, 2018


Pied a Terre is happy to announce that is already preparing its second international photographic contest edition “The World we live in” that will take place on March 21th 2020 on the Chambord Castle (France).

The contest, among other things will celebrate the first anniversary of the global launching of its Pied a Terre reservation and hospitality plattform, that as today is already present in 21 countries around the world.

As it was in our first edition of the Contest, we hereby have the honor to invite our host and travelers affiliates to attend our “First World Congress” that will share and explore the important subject matter of the responsibility of the “The world we live” and the new hospitality business opportunities for our international community to create a better world.